Welcome to Habitat Forever.  We are a grassroots group dedicated to addressing the extinction crisis, especially through the protection, restoration and expansion of habitat. We also encourage the exploration of more compatible ways of living in habitat.

We are in the midst of the largest extinction crisis, since the Cretaceous Extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.  Currently, habitat loss is the number one cause of extinctions. Converting, fragmenting and degrading habitat must stop. 


Mad River in 2016


Mad River in 2014

Our first campaign addresses the expansion of the marijuana industry in habitat.  We are based in Humboldt County California, where the green-rush has inflicted tremendous damage in vital habitat.  We are pro-legalization and pro-habitat. The industry as a whole needs to change under legalization, starting with the realization that a major agricultural industry should not be located in habitat. The only reason the marijuana industry started in Humboldt was the War on Drugs.  People grew here because they could evade law enforcement.  Now that it is legal, we need a new criterion for where to grow marijuana. Protecting habitat and wildlife must be the top concern.  If you start by chopping down swaths of forest, or bulldozing meadow or mountainside, you are inflicting damage and fragmenting habitat, no matter what your subsequent actions may be.  Permits and licenses that do not take this into account, such as Humboldt’s, are worthless.  The cumulative impacts of the thousands of new grows in Humboldt’s habitat is devastating. Marijuana should be grown in ecologically appropriate locations such as pre-existing agricultural land, urban brownfields, and urban warehouses.  It should be grown in sufficient quantity and scale to lower the price, so as to put the black market out of business.  To educate the public about the environmental cost of Humboldt marijuana, we’ve produced a micro-documentary called Humboldt is Habitat.

Humboldt in the news“The image of the happy hippie cultivating the land doesn’t exist anymore.”

Eye on the permit process: After receiving and reviewing the records for Eric Doricko’s cultivation permit applications, we sent Steven Santos these comments, which have parcel numbers omitted here.

Breaking news!  Today (January 13, 2017) we discovered a new flaw in Humboldt’s marijuana permitting process. We discovered that real estate speculator Eric Doricko filed for a permit on land he does not own, and that does not have a pre-existing grow, which is a requirement. When we pointed this out to the helpful Planning Department staff, they agreed that the GIS picture shows no grow. Eric Doricko signed an affidavit during the application process, which might give him protection from the sheriffs, should he go out to this parcel that he does not own, and attempt to clear-cut the forest.  We were told that if that happened, when he came back to finish the application process, they would find the discrepancy in the previous picture, and he would be fined, etc.  But by then, the ecological damage would be done.  Habitat Forever has pointed out repeatedly that Humboldt’s licenses and regulations are beyond weak; they are State sanctioned environmental devastation.  This new flaw in the permitting process only underscores our assessment. We call on the public to exercise their right to inspect project records and provide comments to the Planning Division.  The public can also request a public hearing in front of the Planning Commission for any application they find troubling.  


Eric Doricko, real estate speculator


On the ground video of threatened parcel.  

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