Rodenticides hurt mountain lions.

Grow sites in Humboldt (the numbers are higher now.)

Humboldt Sheriff’s office says 12,000+ grows

Humboldt growers vote against legalization.

Applicants start cultivating before permits approved.

Only 125 applications completed.

Animal Ecology:

Animal home ranges and the resource dispersal hypothesis.

Land clearing and roads:

Mourad Gabriel pacific fisher presentation, esp. pg. 20, 41-43.

Scott Bauer CDFW presentation on mj cultivation on timberland.

Interior forest habitat and edge habitat.

NRDC-End of the road.

Jacob Hill on environmental impacts of roads.

The classic on roads by Reed Noss.

The Extinction Crisis:

Yes, the extinction crisis is even bigger than climate change.

California’s ranking by Nature Serve.

Biodiversity loss reported by the Living Planet Report 2016.

Habitat loss threat to wildlife.

Habitat loss and extinction.

Farming claims 40% Earth’s land mass.

Biodiversity limits disease outbreaks.

Book List:

This is a list of some of the books that have informed Habitat Forever’s work.


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